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Welcome to the

Icelandic Horse Club Tyrol


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Margit und Peter Schausberger

Höhe 52

A-6323 Schwoich, Austria/Europe

Tel/Fax: +43 5372 588 92
Mobil: +43 664 46 36 711



News on our Site !

4th October 2000

We are proud to be able to show some of our Horses for Sale on the internet! Also check out the new activities for autumn and winter in our barn!

30th June 2000

ATTENTION: Write down the new telephone numbers for contacting us! Check out the new activities for this summer and autumn. Norman Thelwell's funny horses on the German Site!

10th April 2000

Come visit the book section and find yourself provided with new usefull links! As comic speaks no language be invited to Thelwell and his funny horses on the German Site.

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Islandpferde Reitsportclub Tirol
Margit und Peter Schausberger, Höhe 52, A-6323 Schwoich
Austria/Europe, Tel/Fax: +43 5372 588 92, Mobil: +43 664 46 36 711

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